Exosomes are small endosome-derived lipid nanoparticles (50-120 nm) actively secreted by exocytosis by most living cells. Exosome The release occurs constitutively or by induction, both under normal and pathological conditions, in a dynamic, regulated, and functional way.relevant way.

Both the quantity and the molecular composition of the exosomes released depend on the state of the stem cell. Exosomes have been isolated from various cell lines (hematopoietic cells, tumor lines, primary cultures, and virus-infected cells) as well as from fluids in particular blood (for example, serum and plasma from cancer patients) and other body fluids (bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, pleural effusions, synovial fluid, urine, amniotic fluid, semen, saliva, etc.).

Exosomes have pleiotropic physiological and pathological functions and an emergent role in various pathological conditions such as cancer, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases. The ExoQuant Kit is a proprietary double-sandwich enzyme-linked immunoassay for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of exosomes. It’s a successful platform for the quantification and characterization of exosomes from small amounts of human biological fluids (plasma, serum, urine, saliva) or cellular media. It can be used to identify exosomes released by cancer cells in the plasma and urine of patients with tumors in various disease conditions.

ExoQuantTM consists of proprietary pan-exosome antibody pre-coated ELISA plates that allow specific capture of exosomes from different biological samples, including cell culture supernatants and human biological fluids. Quantification and characterization of the exosomal proteins are subsequently carried out using appropriate detection antibodies against the associated exosomes.

Antigens that can be for generic or cell/tissue-specific exosomes. The kit contains lyophilized exosome standards for
assay calibration. Lyophilized exosome standards, characterized by protein content and number of particles, allow quantification of a sample using a standard calibration curve. Clear and white plates are available depending on the post-detection approach (colorimetric and luminometric respectively).

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